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Who does not know Bali? This exotic small islands located in the central part of Indonesia is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. And if you are a fan of natural beauty, you are required to travel on this island. What is the special thing on Bali? Bali has a variety of natural beauty that has made many tourists who admire its beauty. One of the most famous place on this island is Kuta beach, and i'm sure you may have heard this name. Many tourist comes to kuta to bask themselves under the sunshine while waiting for sunset.

But is doesn't mean that kuta is the only tourist destination in bali. You can find many more in Bali. One of my favorite place in Bali is tanah lot.
Tanah lot bali
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Here there are two temples are situated on a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder and the other located on a cliff. This temple usually used for religious events such as Galungan.
Tanah lot temple Bali
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If you travel to the southwest end of Bali island, you will find another exotic place to visit, Uluwatu temple. Uluwatu temple is located on the bridge of rocks and high cliffs, and I am sure you'll won't to look down if you go there.
Uluwatu temple
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Uluwatu cliff
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You can also watch the nice sunset here
Uluwatu temple Bali
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And there's many more places you can find in Bali. The cultural uniqueness in Bali is also the separate appeal for tourist. Hinduism, the religion that mostly adopted by balinese people has many unique arts and culture, such as traditional dance (pendet dance) and cloth.
Pendet dance Bali
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As you can see in the picture above, you will find that kind of dance originally only in Bali, because that is one of their traditional culture.

I will post more about Bali as soon as i can, to let people know a little piece of Bali

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